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Für dieses Gitarren-Forum muss man nicht registriert sein. In erster Linie soll dieses Gitarren Forum den Gitarrenlehrer als Ansprechpartner ersetzen. Aber auch das Austauschen untereinander ist Ziel dieses Forums.

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Michal 22.07.2012 / 04:48:20
This is exciting IF it is a two way seetrt.Facebook share their personal data via application APIs with all manner of sites BUT have consistently guarded actual user email addresses from 3rd party sites/apps very closely.It will be very interesting to see what personal data can be captured using FBeM inboxes as the destination and pulled into your eCRM database.If this is implemented in a Facebook Connect type of way (ie you have a always-on sign-in to your FBeM inbox), it could lead to some really cool ways to clustering and segment your databases around Fb personal info and behaviours.If it follows this Fb Connect model, you could also do some great Share direct to specific Fb friends from third party websites, as opposed to just sticking it on your wall and hoping people see it.The big Q for that would be, what additional benefits for the 3rd party sites to install this functionality, over current Like or Share if the site owners are unable to capture that user data? Lets wait and see
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